On May 17th, 1648, imperial troops and the Swedish army at Zusmarshausen fought one of the last battles of the Thirty Years War. A few months after the "Battle of Red Mountain", the war ended with the "Peace of Westphalia". Legend tells us, that, after the battle, the exhausted Swedes stormed the brewery "Zum Grünen Baum" on market square in Zusmarshausen, drinking all the barrels dry. Today that brewery is called Schwarzbräu. Our Schweden Pils, by the way, owes its name to this event. Our labels, glasses and steins feature a flag-bearer: a reminder of our origins. An unmistakable brand, this symbol marks the birth, in the 17th century, of today's family brewery.


A storage cellar is built beneath the brewery's courtyard. As was the custom in these times, the fresh brew has to be cooled by means of ice, which is "mined" from a nearby ice-covered pond. Among other things, this method of cooling the brew paved the way for bottom-fermented brewing all year round. This is only possible at a steady temperature of between 4°C and 9°C.


For generations, the brewery on market square has already been family-owned. At age 23, Konrad Schwarz sen., Grandfather of today's owner Leopold, took over the property at market square in 1927 and devoted himself entirely to the art of beer brewing. With lasting success.


The Second World War leaves its mark on the brewery. Shortly before the end of the war, it was occupied by the Americans and fourteen soldiers were temporarily stationed there. During the course of this occupation, Schwarzbräu was briefly declared a military brewery and from then on produced beer for the Allied troops. The malt, a valuable asset, is hidden in a safe place so that everything does not fall into the hands of the occupying army. The malt is brewed as a dark bock beer and walled into the deep storage cellar. Later this beer is sold under the name "Schwedenbock". Even today, Schwarzbräus "Aged Bock" is still allowed to mature undisturbed in the quiet, vaulted cellar for several years.


Schwarzbräu is the first German brewer to earn the top prize at the world exhibition in Brussels, the so-called "Croix d'Honneur". Further national and international prizes have followed: today Schwarzbräu - with almost 700 awards from all over the world - is Germany's most award-winning brewery.

New awards are added each year.


With the experience of our highly qualified team, a delicious, traditional beer will continue to be brewed thanks to long-standing brewing procedures paired with the latest technology. Solid craftsmanship and technological progress make for a happy marriage.

Malt, hops, water and brewer's yeast

Schwarzbräu still brews genuine premium beers using traditional recipes and, of course, strictly according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. As one of only six breweries in Bavaria, Schwarzbräu produces its own malt from regional barley in their own malthouse. Ice-Age brewing water from its own deep wells, brewer's yeast from its own pure strains and the finest aroma hops from nearby cultivation areas of Tettnang, Spalt and the famous Hallertau form the basis for high-quality beer enjoyment.


In our fermentation and storage cellars, our brews are given all the time they need to develop authentic taste and optimum drinkability. Unhurried and stress-free, each brew is stored for a full eight weeks before being bottled or kegged. Since beer is a natural product, we strive to reach the highest standards of environmental protection our family brewery can achieve.