Back in the day

Historical Schwarzbräu Oldtimer lighttruck

Our Oldtimer, a 1932 Ford BB, is our most recent addition, and yet our oldest vehicle.

- max. velocity = 108 km/h
- tare weight = 1,950 kg
- engine displacement = 3,3 l
- payload = 1,550 kg
- V8 internal combustion (Otto) engine
- allowable max. weight = 3,500 kg
- 45 HP
- 4 gears

The Ford BB Lighttruck was built in the USA in 1932 and was in service at Pen Mar Oil Co., Inc., of Pennsylvania, among other industries. In the early 1990s it was imported to Germany and acquired in 2001 by Schwarzbräu. Wolfgang Hank from Augsburg-Lechhausen has invested two years of his expertise in this classic car, which has been faithfully restored with great skill and professionalism. It's maiden voyage on Maximilianstrasse in September 2002 was memorable.
The oldtimer bears the original Schwarzbräu ads from the 30s.

Schwarzbräu products are no longer delivered using this nostalgic vehicle, but the open tap system on the loading platform will invite you to sample fresh Schwarzbräu at street festivals and oldtimer parades.