Die Freien Brauer (Independent Brewers Association)

"Die Freien Brauer" is a community of 40 medium-sized private breweries in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, which have been independent and family-owned for generations. Every one of us is a self-confident, independent entrepreneur and wants to keep his independence. "Die Freien Brauer" is more than a mere economic cooperation: It is a community of values of like-minded, self-confident family-owned breweries which are leading in their respective region.

The preservation of the diversity of genuine, pure beer specialities and of a solid regional economic structure - in short: the preservation of the art of brewing and way of life - are in our centre of interest. As a strong community of successful family-owned breweries we feel responsible for these values.

On the basis of our Seven Values we form an efficient network that contributes to the individual success of each owner. The absolute willingness to cooperate and the energetic dedication of every each form the foundation for our success. As a group of strong brands we now and in the future shape the positive image of our traditional beer culture.

The Seven Values of the community "Die Freien Brauer"

1. Great independence

2. Personal responsibility

3. Unique variety

4. Highest quality

5. Clean environment

6. Authentic tradition

7. Committment to our roots

For furhter information please visit: www.die-freien-brauer.com